Tsū is back and awarding creators!

sū is a new online social platform that arrived into this social ocean where territories have been already decided. Though leaving late, tsu does have the Creators Award Program which is its current determination against the tidal waves of the “data ocean”.

It was founded in 2013 by Drew Ginsburg, Sebastian Sobczak, Thibault Boullenger and then was re-launched in 2020 with its new ad revenue sharing idea that hooked millions.

It works this way,

(On the Homepage of application) You see a feed this is where your content will be visible to all. And, after every three such tiles there’s an ad (this is a constant thing).

Here, ad revenues are not all for tsu. When it comes to ad revenue, that is also a way for everyone to make their cut as it is where the “Creators should be rewarded” slogan comes to the picture.

Tsu gains 50% revenue out of the ad shown to you plus a guaranteed cut if there are sales through those links and much more. And, the remaining 50% goes to the creators who make up each of the three posts above it.

The ads are shown in various places:

1. In your main feed

2. Community feed

Joining a community of your interest would be great for a head start

3. In your profile

which you can control by simply by going to the hamburger menu(bars) →Under the Ad Preferences tab →Remove Ads on My Profile

That means any one of us in the bunch who gets featured in the feed of someone else can be a part of that. Sounds intriguing! That means tsu pays you for being posted. At this point, you might get the idea, “I am probably going to get rich on this new space". Well, it's not that easy as it seems. Being on start means you got great original content that indulges viewers’ time.

With great content, you can make a recommendation system to do your work.

The Most Interesting Feature

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

From where the most will come to you (“The Support Button”)

This button comes with every new post you add and is visible to the viewers (not you, but you will be looking at tons of them as you scroll). The button pops an ad as it is pressed and the revenue generated is again 50% to tsu and 50% to the creator. So, you are going to support the creators you like as you scroll.

Now, “How am I going to be benefitted!

Well, it is not just those creators, your post also has the same feature. So, if you have got something interesting, you got my support.

All the insights to your posts are visible in the

General Settings tab →Insights.

Insights page with two tabs (Analytics and Family Tree). Under Analytics,  there are 5 more tabs (views, likes, comments, shares, supports).
Insights page with two tabs (Analytics and Family Tree). Under Analytics,  there are 5 more tabs (views, likes, comments, shares, supports).
Original image not for use by Sidharth Panda

In this, we get to go through all the numbers and how they are doing. As in the above image, most of would likely do is like and comment.

All tabs from the above-shown image work in a way that each of the other affects the rest. Though, our main motive would be to get as many shares as possible.

For the rest, you can let the recommendation algorithm negotiate.

Withdrawing to your account

Now that I have become a creator in Tsū and got it up to the mark, I am gaining enough shares, comments, likes, and support. Then, where should I get to see the figure.

For that matter, Tsū gives you the option of withdrawing your earnings again in the

General Settings tab →Bank or

directly ,

From your Profile.

Original Image not For Use by Sidharth Panda

In the above image on the left with the piggybank icon, the button redirects to the next part, the redeem button will redirect to a Paypal link where you need to log in to your Paypal account.

Tsū has got only one option for withdrawing it might not be the only one as they scale,

Now you might be thinking isn’t tsu the Elon. Well, it does seem to share information and care for its users.

Though it does assure all this, it is sure is an app after all and requires the viewers (the most important aspect)


Is Tsū really good to use or am I again wasting my time on social media just because it is trending

Well, It depends on what you expect from the post and the social media.

Before Tsū, there was no platform for creators to post on the go. Even the ones that support creators likely to have only video formats as this has become a hindrance to people’s creativity,

And the ones that provides the chance are not enough.

In my opinion, for creators, it might be the change they needed.

From Tsu official webpage